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 2017 Living Springs Institute Calendar
2017 Planning Calendar

Item - #TPPC0017

Size - 7" X 9.75"

Page Count - 40

Description - The Living Springs Institute 2017 daily planner is an excellent way to learn the Biblical calendar while going about your everyday life. Inside, you will find both the Gregorian and Biblical/Jewish calendar laid out together in an easy to read format. The 2017 calendar has a new cover design, but is still the convenient size you've come to expect. Its staple binding makes it thin, and easy to slide into a satchel or keep with other papers. It also comes with an improved clear plastic, protective jacket to keep it clean and neat looking all year long!

To help you learn more about the Biblical calendar, feasts, and events listed in this planner, a free companion book titled "Counting The Days" is available. To find more information about this book and interior views of the planner itself, visit our Calendar Project Page!

If you did not reach this page through the Resource Shop, you may order this product by clicking here!

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