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Teaching God's Word Since 1994
"Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ."

Colossians 2:8

Our Director

The founder, senior minister, and Executive Director of operations at Living Springs Institute, is Philip E. Busby. Executive Director Busby grew up in a strong Christian home, and he dedicated his life to God at the age of six. His parents and grandparents were the significant influence in his life; and they taught him a love for God and His Word. From a very young age, he was compelled by The Holy Ghost to use his love for puppetry and song to teach children. He accepted the Lord's calling into full-time ministry at the age of fifteen in a small Pentecostal church, where he immediately started his ministry training, and preached his first sermon the very next week. From that time forward, his life has been focused on the preaching and teaching of God's Word.

Working among many different ministers and ministries, he was urged by various denominations to join them, but felt The Lord leading him to remain an independent minister, free to teach only what The Holy Ghost directed him. In 1994 he founded a church named Living Springs, but understanding his true calling was to be a teacher, not a pastor, the church was developed into Living Springs Institute, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching the Word of God through various media. Thus, his work includes radio, print publication, and internet ministry. Currently, his primary focus is on publishing thorough answers to Bible and Bible related questions, authoring books and booklets, and writing Shaqah - the Institute's free bimonthly publication, which includes a verse by verse Bible study. The Institute is also building a library of Biblical teaching on the worldwide web, at www.livingspringsinstitute.org, where people from all over the world are receiving the Word of God by reading articles, submitting questions, and subscribing to Shaqah.

A Letter From Our Executive Director

Dear Friends,

I want to start by saying, the information on this page does not exist because it's my intent to promote myself in anyway. I would not have this page at all, and it has not existed for a long time because I believe it is not I who is important, but the message God gives. No individual should blindly follow any man, no matter how much they feel that person is teaching the things of God. The apostle Paul warned, if even they came back to the church declaring things which did not line up with what had originally been taught, the people should not be persuaded, but hold to what they had been taught at the beginning. (Gal. 1:6-12)

I strongly believe it's up to each individual, by having a direct relationship with God Himself, to determine if the words they are hearing are coming from God, and are in line with His Word. That is exactly what man had to do in determining if Jesus was The Messiah or not, even as Jesus physically walked among men, and this has not changed. Even now, each individual must make this choice for themselves. This is the foundation of Christianity, and it should make us stop to think. If this determination is expected of us in the first place, it is certainly no big thing for God to ask us to take personal responsibility for finding and knowing Him deeper each day!

Now, all that being said and true, I have to admit, many people do not get the opportunity to meet me personally in the manner they would if the only way to receive what I teach was for me to come to them as the apostles did in establishing and edifying the church. I believe the fact people read or hear most of what I teach without ever getting such a chance, gives them a right to, at least, access some personal information.

I'm also compelled to share a bit about myself because I believe it's a very disturbing problem that people think they can or do know a minister in some way, simply on the basis the minister is ordained by a certain organization or group. You can't know much of anything about a minister based on what organization or group they subscribe to, because claiming any affiliation, also comes with a lot of baggage. This is true overall, just on the basis of which religion you claim to be a part of (Christian, Judaism, Muslim, etc.), but it continues to be true even down to the history of a specific church. There may be little we can do about this in the world which we live. However, the problem is that this baggage, for many people, is actually what comforts them, or turns them away. People like to simply pick the religion and section of that religion they are most comfortable with. They often look for an organization they find most appealing and/or the one they think is closest to what they already feel they believe, or want to believe. This way of thinking has major flaws, and in many ways, it stunts growth because people will just stick with what they have, or turn away from certain teachings simply because of what they fear it represents.

I personally have seen it happen on many occasions that people find a truth in God's Word which may go against or simply not be a part of the beliefs already in their doctrine. When this happens, people, many times, are unwilling to even consider the possibility they may be wrong, and need to change in order to line up with God's Word. Because we lean so heavily on what, I believe, is best described as organizational-ism, people also - and far more often than not - fear the idea of being different or considered unusual in their beliefs. While they may follow God's instructions on an issue for a time, the pressure of the group eventually prevails.

In fact, this is one of the main points of forming a group such as a denomination in the first place. People join groups or became a part of a group with the understanding that things are/were a certain way. This is the basis of why people feel comfortable being part of a specific group. They believe they know and/or can at least trust people in, or ordained by, the group. This may seem safe, but this mostly results in holding back individuals, within an organization, from correcting their walk with God, according to the growth they experience by studying and knowing God's Word for themselves.

Many people actually understand this point to some degree, but are willing to sacrifice growth in exchange for guarding against false doctrines which attempt to slip in! However, we can not afford to ignore the commandments of God in our lives for any reason. We can not be so scared of learning God's Word for ourselves that we are willing to stagnate in our walk with God in order to guard against false doctrine. It's true, we do not live in the time of those first apostles, but that means many false doctrines have already crept in and made a home for themselves. Learning and growing in the truth is the only way to weed out any wrong traditions of men.

The other point which is very important in all this, is the fact the attitude we are talking about here does not guard against even new false doctrine which might creep in. In many ways, it can facilitate it. I have often observed, at least in Christian groups, the very thing people think they are guarding themselves against is exactly what the group mentality causes them to accept. The devil, and evil men, are always bringing along doctrines and teachings which are not Biblical, and which have often already been the fall of believers in the past or in other groups. However, if enough people in a specific group like the belief - and usually they do because it sounds good to the flesh - a group will make a change! This can go all the way up the chain even to alter the organization's fundamental doctrines, regardless of the fact the teaching is not supported by the Bible.

To make matters worse, even if many people in the group disagree, and see that this is exactly what they wanted a group or organization to protect them against, those people often stay in the group saying things such as, “If everyone good leaves the organization it will really go down!” This may be a very sincere thought, but it only makes sense because people have already given up the truth of a personal relationship with God being the most important and protection worthy thing in their lives. Standing against a false doctrine as it approaches is one thing, but having to stand against it once it has found a home in an organization's teaching and practices is a direct contradiction to the reason many people feel comfortable in a group!

Individuals should be looking to be part of a group consisting of people of like precious faith. (II Pet. 1:1-4) The fact this can be difficult to find is one of the main reasons the word “precious” is used to describe the "faith" you should be looking for! Doing what makes life comfortable and easy is the nature of the flesh and its sinful desires. It's difficult enough to battle against one's own flesh, without having to fight against the fleshly desires of others! By following the group mentality, what most people end up doing is trying to save an organization, instead of seeking first the Kingdom of God in and for their personal lives. (Matt. 6:31-34)

I can simply say, I am not a minister affiliated with any denomination, and I think that comes as no surprise after what I have said to start with. However, this is not because I'm hostile toward people in denominations; I simply believe a walk with God is more personal than a denomination or their religious structure allows, much less encourages! This also does not mean I'm some Christian hippie who doesn't like authority, it's that I believe the perfect God, Who created us all, is our authority, not fleshly men! (Acts 5:29)

There are many beliefs embedded in the doctrinal statements of organizations which do not line up with the Word of God. Some of these wrong doctrines are designed by evil men to accomplish evil goals. Some of these wrong doctrines are misunderstandings of the Word, or a lack of growth the organization may or may not ever obtain as a whole. Some of these wrong doctrines come from the simple fact a group of very sincere people set up a new organization, after pulling only so far away from the false teaching of the organization they originally came out of, before they solidified their own doctrine. The fact many denominations can trace their history back to people who broke from the Catholic church is why most all Christian organizations, not part of the Catholic church, are referred to as "Protestant." This term is simply accepted and used in spite of whether it's a mistake to do so or not!

All this creates a big mess, and ultimately it keeps many from finding and following the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. This baggage is something I do not believe should be a part - especially not such a big part - of a minister's ministry. When I disagree that a specific doctrine is supported by the Word of God, I will not teach, preach, or, just by being affiliated with a denomination or organization, seem to endorse that belief! It's my personal desire to remain free to teach and preach the Word of God as a whole, not just the doctrine of a specific organization.

Now, let me say, I understand this way of thinking will cause some to turn away from what I teach. Because I am not part of their specific religion, or it makes them uneasy that other men have not ordained what I teach, people may simply walk away. However, at the same time, all this opens the door to teach those who are serious about finding and following the whole truth! I'm available to teach what God tells me to teach. People can be assured that what I'm teaching is not simply the doctrine or most current fad of a particular group. My intentions are not to spread or defend an organization. My intent is not to teach what makes myself or an organization popular.

I believe, Genesis through Revelation are the words of The God who created the universe. (II Tim. 3:16-17) We as humans need to realize, there is one God who created us all! (I Tim. 2:1-6, James 2:19) We, just as the Bible tells us, fell away from God, and we need His saving plan to have the life He created us to have in the first place! (Rom. 3:20-26) I believe you can never over emphasize just how personal living for God is, (Ps. 22:7-11, Jer. 1:4-5) and nothing should stand between you and The God who created you. (Ex. 20:3) On Judgment Day, you, and only you, will stand before God and answer for the decisions of your life. No religion, denomination, or other individual will have a say or be an excuse for anything. (Matt. 25:31-46, Rev. 20:10-12) On that day it will be very personal, and so it had better be personal in the here and now!

That fact is why it's my desire as a teacher of God's Word, to show people that Jesus is The Messiah God promised to send for the salvation of our souls. (Gen. 22:8, John 1:1-41) I believe Jesus, without flaw, carried out The Father's work, and bought salvation for all mankind. (Heb. 9:1-14) It's simply up to each human whether or not we want God's plan. If we do want it, then it's up to each individual to learn and grow in the truth by having and depending on their personal relationship with God. (John 14:22-26, Phili. 2:12-13) That is how we find salvation, not by following what any man or group of men say! (Col. 2:8)

It's my desire to help people find the path of righteousness. (I Pet. 2:20-25) The Bible tells us, “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end are the ways of death.” Proverbs 14:12 Jesus had to come and provide salvation for us, because no matter how righteous we become, it will never be enough to save our own soul. (Isa. 64:6) However, if we are not interested in trying our best to live our lives righteously before God, and man, even while we live this earthly life, we are not truly interested in the life God has created us to live, and provided salvation for us to eternally obtain. (Rev. 3:14-22) Thus, I believe a desire for righteousness and a desire for salvation are both very much interwoven!

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Simply put, our individual journey through this life is not about being part of some religion, it's about a relationship with The One True God! Faith, in its simplest description, is a relationship with God, and that is why it's described as the substance of what we ultimately hope to have for eternity, and the evidence that the promises of God which we have yet to see are, in fact, true! (Heb. 11:1) God is everything in life and there is nothing greater. Thus, nothing in any man's life should be considered greater than God! (Matt. 22:35-38)

These are the principles upon which I direct Living Springs Institute. This organization's intent is to serve, not to be served. It's a tool to be used in the teaching of God's Word. There is no more blunt way of saying it. We are not interested in teaching a religion, we are interested in teaching the Bible. This will, of course, include a certain amount of doctrine, but our main goal is to help people simply learn the Bible and the facts it contains.

In closing, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and it's my prayer that this information has been helpful as you seek God's will in allowing the Institute to be a part of your life and ministry. As the Executive Director of Living Springs Institute, I can simply say this: If your goal is to learn God's Word in order to grow in your personal relationship with Him and do the work God may lay or has already laid on your life, then you are one of the people for which the Institute exists. You may not agree with everything we say, but know it's my continual prayer that the materials produced by Living Springs Institute will be of great value to those who seek to serve The One True God!

May God richly bless and lead you as you seek to go deeper in your walk with Him!

Philip E. Busby
Executive Director
Living Springs Institute

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